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At Denny’s, the Brand Revolution Continues

Family-dining chains around the country can relate to Denny’s plight. A lot can change in nearly seven decades. No legacy brand wants to drift from its brand values, but holding steady can be a recipe for disaster too. What are their plans now?

Photo Courtesy of FSR Magazine.

For Denny’s, chief brand officer John Dillon says, the challenge was that too many changes can turn into, “the brand you thought we knew, but there are so many changes you can’t recognize it anymore.”

One of the more staggering changes involves Denny’s menu. Since 2011, nearly 80 percent of its core entrees have changed or improved.

Denny’s has remodeled more than 80 percent of units to a more modern, comfortable “Heritage” design.

In the second quarter of fiscal 2019, the chain completed 40 refreshes to get the figure up to 84 percent systemwide.

Denny’s digital push gathered steam with Denny’s on Demand. Off-premises business expanded from 7 percent to 11 percent of total sales in that span, with delivery driving the growth.

At Q2’s end, roughly 88 percent of Denny’s system was actively engaged with at least one delivery partner.

The new “See you at Denny’s” campaign is really an aggressive but natural evolution of the Denny’s brands revitalization journey.

Diversity and inclusion have been big marketing points for Denny’s recently, between the new campaign and the Magic Johnson partnership.

We invite guests back to our restaurants with the new campaign, we want to ensure that our guests feel a part of our family.

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