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Brookfield and Others Are Opening Parking Lot Drive-In Movie Concept

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Drive-in Movie Theaters are an old-fashioned concept that is becoming popular with people who want to get out of the house and do something, but still remain safe. Coronavirus has shut down movie theaters, so Drive-in’s are seeing a rise in business across the country.

Photo Courtesy of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Ten Cinema Pop-Ups drive-in movie theaters, operated by Kilburn Live, are opening this week and next in shopping center parking lots.

Five are in Brookfield centers in Denver, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and Woodbridge, New Jersey. The five others are in Texas.

SCT reported on the concept last month, and now the shopping center parking lot activations are coming to life. “We are thoroughly convinced people want to head back out and start reestablishing some return to normalcy while still adhering to safety protocols,” said Kilburn CEO Mark Manuel.

Cinema Pop-Ups provide people with an innovative, out-of-home entertainment solution that offers our customers some peace of mind while the world adjusts to this interim normal.

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“Our primary focus, now more than ever, is to create an exciting experience in an environment where people feel safe and comfortable,” said Brookfield senior vice president of business development Melinda Holland. “Our centers are gathering places for their communities, and we look forward to welcoming guests back to the malls in this new and innovative way.”

The first titles screened at Brookfield’s centers will include Garth Brooks: The Drive-In Concert, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Crazy Rich Asians, Ready Player One and Shazam.

Twenty-two more Cinema Pop-Ups are in the works. “I have had some cities pause or downright not approve these, so that list could go down,” Manuel said. “It [also] could also go, up as our partners have a collective list of malls and commercial complexes of well over 200. But we will always abide by what we are allowed to do and never force the issue.

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